My Morning Routine

I love mornings. The slow and steady process of waking up and preparing my body to move is something I value each day. My morning routine prepares my mind and body to tackle whatever is thrown at me during the day. I use my routine to set the tone for the day by stimulating brain activity and moving my muscles. I keep my mornings slow and use this time to take care of myself. This sometimes seems counterintuitive to me, but in a world that’s always go go go, it’s important for me to make time to slow down my mind and be mindful of my body’s needs.

My Morning Routine:

My morning usually begins around 7:00 am. I naturally wake up around this time, but I always have an alarm set at 7:00. I’m afraid that one day my body isn’t going to want to wake up at that time, so I leave an alarm set just in case. Upon waking up, I like to get dressed and do my makeup to get ready for the day. What I wear has a direct effect on my mood. If I’m in my glasses and comfy clothes, I just want to relax and curl up in bed. If I’m wearing jeans and have makeup on, I’m ready to leave the house to run any errands I have. This is why I get ready as soon as I wake up. So I am physically and mentally ready to start my day.


Breakfast is always a priority. I eat a full breakfast as soon as I’m all dressed and ready. I’m usually pretty hungry in the morning, so I like to have something that is filling and full of nutrients. My go-to breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal topped with granola, fruit, and some kind of nut butter. It’s super easy, quick, and it keeps me filled and full of energy. And coffee, I can’t forget coffee. I always pop in a Pete’s Coffee K-Cup into the Keurig and enjoy a hot cup of joe.

Get Moving

I’m out of season for volleyball, so I’ve had to organize my own workout schedule lately. At school, I like to work out in the afternoon after class, but lately I’ve been working out in the morning after I eat breakfast. I’ve seen many people who like to work out right as they wake up before breakfast, but the reason I work out after breakfast is so that I have energy. During a workout, I need lots of energy, so I like to wake up a little bit and get my metabolism running before I get my heart rate up. I also don’t like thinking about my food during a workout. Before morning workouts, I’m always hungry. Eating breakfast before a workout keeps my mind from dwelling on breakfast. Staying focused is important for my own personal progress and growth. Food is a tool and should not be ruling my life.

As far as workouts go, I normally run or do HIIT workouts at home. I’m not a huge fan of these workouts because they can get boring after a while. So, starting this week, I will be doing group exercise classes which I love! Wish me luck!

Quiet Time

After my workout, I shower, then make time to get in the Word. Incorporating an efficient quiet time in the morning has always been a struggle for me. I either do it way too early so that when I read, I read the words, but I don’t comprehend what the message is saying. Or, I take to long to get ready and I don’t have enough time to read. I am learning to prioritize my quiet time by scheduling a time slot out of my morning to pray and meditate on God’s word.

I like to read the She Reads Truth newsletter that comes in my email. She Reads Truth is a blog that targets Christian women who are seeking to grow their relationships with Christ.  They put together different plans that study stories in the Bible, themes and specific biblical characters. I love this blog because they balance theology and your personal walk with Christ so efficiently. The newsletter is easy to read but also teaches me what the Bible is actually saying. Reading my Bible, no matter what time of day, always reminds me of my need for a Savior. Jesus is the reason I do what I do, and I need to be reminded of daily from the Bible.

After my quiet time of reading, praying, and journaling, I head off to work. I use my mornings to take care of me. The rest of my day is for serving guests at work, serving my family when I get home, and serving my friends if I go out in the evenings. Being social is exhausting for an introvert like myself. Which is why I have to organize time in my day to take care of me. I recharge in moments where I can focus on me and myself only. It sounds selfish, but it’s not. Self-care was so hard for me to learn. But when I put it into practice, I sow all the benefits.

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